August 12, 2021

Armies and Civilians Will Love A Tactical Plate Carrier

When it comes to using backpacks for protection, nothing is better than a tactop plate carrier. Manufactured by an international company with the mission of manufacturing quality armor solutions, the Spartan Plate Carrier is designed for both active duty and civilian applications. Constructed of lightweight molded nylon and high impact plastic, these carriers provide the wearer with maximum protection against small-arm fire, shrapnel, fragmentation and other life-endangering hazards. Constructed of resilient polymers, soft armor is incorporated within the nylon to provide superior protection against wear and tear as well as abrasion.

Nylon and polymers work together to create these hard-wearing plate carriers that meet all of Army’s stringent standards. This manufacturer manufactures plate carriers for just about every size and type of backpack as well as vests used by the average consumer. In addition to offering military-grade solutions, they also offer a variety of soft armor plate carriers and vests in a variety of configurations for the consumer at affordable prices. One of the most popular features on this carrier is the ability to interchange various sizes and types of vests for compatibility and interchangeable attachment options. This manufacturer of tactical vests and backpack armor makes it easy to find the perfect size and configuration that best fits your needs.

Although the original intent of the Spartan plate carriers was for the US Army’s Ground Forces, they are also available for civilian use. The original concept was developed to carry the same modularity of armor protection but at a lighter weight and for use with the MOLLE backpack system. Over time this manufacturer has fine tuned this system to be compatible with a wide range of backpacks and packs. A great feature that they currently offer is the availability of interchangeable soft armor carriers and vests. For added protection from roadside debris and other hazards on the front, side, and rear quadrelease plate carriers can be adjusted for different size and type of packs.