August 11, 2021

Tactical Gear With a Tactic Plate Carrier

A tactop plate carrier (or also known as an anchor carrier or hard armor system) is an attachment typically used by U.S. Special Forces and other armed forces. They are designed for rapid deployment, making them an important part of many combat operations. They can be used with other tactical equipment like backpacks, modular assaults packs and backpack vests as well as other backpacks.

It uses an adjustable hook and loop strap that are able to fasten two hard plates, or up to five standard size nylon plates depending on the model. Standard models usually contain up to seven different hard armor pouches that can accommodate up to four standard size magazines, one in each of the forward positions. This allows for the quick and easy transfer of tactical gear, equipment and supplies from the MOP or MOLLE module to the backpack or utility pouch. The plate carriers can be attached either to a backpack or a utility belt through their belt loops. This allows quick and efficient movement through both prone and flat position, even while remaining seated in a prone position.

There are several manufacturers of the tactop plate carrier including: Ironman, Spectra, LMT, Paladin, Blackhawk and others. They are available in both rifle and pistol builds. Some models are designed to work with M.O.L.L. plates which are standard issue gear worn by Marines and other ground troops. The carrier is able to hold up to seven M.O.L.L. plates without any loss of mobility.